Pesach Break

It’s that time again. I’ll be off-line (largely) until after Pesach, so no new entries until then.

Chag Kosher v’Samaiyach

5 responses to “Pesach Break

  1. Thank you Rabbi, have a chag kosher v’someach

  2. Rabbi is there a Ramchal haggadah that you would recommend or some place online that compiles any of the Ramchal’s teachings that are germane to the seder?

  3. I’m in the middle of a brand new work, ממשנתו של רםח”ל, by R’ Nechemiah Freidlander, son of the late R’ Chaim Freidlander. It brings down all relevant teachings of Ramchal on Pesach (and necessarily on the Haggadah, but not on its own), as well as of R’ Moshe Dovid Valle, Ramchal’s talmid-chaver. That’s done well, My problem is that he also cites others’ teachings irrlevant to Ramchal (like Maharal, R’ YI Chaver, the Leshem, and others), and he assiduously avoids Kabbalistic references. But it’s well worth it.

    • With all of those gedolei kabbalah I’m amazed he is able to avoid kabbalistic references. I’ll have to track down the sefer. If the Rav is looking for a chavrusa to go over any of these inyanim please let me know 🙂

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