Rabbi Yaakov Feldman has translated and commented upon four classical works of Mussar: R’ Moshe Chaim Luzzatto’s “The Path of the Just”, Bachya Ibn Pakudah’s “The Duties of the Heart”, Rabbeinu Yonah’s “The Gates of Repentance”, and R’ Moses Maimondes’ “Eight Chapters.”

He offers blogs on several of Ramchal’s works including Derech Hashem, Da’at Tevunot, and Klach Pitchei Chochma, on others’ works, and on various themes. Rabbi Feldman has authored several other works awaiting publication, and he also offers email classes under the auspices of the well known Jewish website Torah.org entitled “Spiritual Excellence” and “Ramchal.”

He and his family live in the vicinity of Monsey, New York. Rabbi Feldman serves as the rabbi-chaplain at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, New York.

On this site, we have blogs containing classes on the following works:

Feel free to contact me at feldman@torah.org

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Rabbi Yaakov Feldman has also translated and commented upon “The Path of the Just” and “The Duties of the Heart” (Jason Aronson Publishers).

Rabbi Feldman also offers two free e-mail classes on www.torah.org entitled “Spiritual Excellence” and “Ramchal”.

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