R’ Ashlag’s “Introduction To The Zohar”: Ch. 52

            But after you permanently purify the vegetative part of your ratzon l’kabel you’ll ascend to the world of Yetzirah on a permanent basis…

.. since you will have transcended the world of Assiyah altogether.

            You’ll then attain a permanent degree of Ruach.

… since you will have transcended the Nephesh realm altogether.

            And from there you can also attain Neshama-light and Chaya-light from the sephirot of Binah and Chochma there, which are the Neshama (level) of Ruach and the Chaya (level) of Ruach, even before you will have merited permanently purifying your animal-ness and verbal-ness. But (you will) not (have attained it) permanently.

That is, you’ll be able to attain some degree of Neshama– and Chaya-light before permanently by purifying your animal-ness and verbal-ness, but only for a while. And you merit that …

            By virtue of the fact that you’d have purified the vegetative aspect of your ratzon l’kabel on a permanent level you’d thus already share the highest degree of affinity of form with the world of Yetzirah.

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