R’ Ashlag’s “Introduction To The Zohar”: Ch. 54

            When you merit permanently purifying the verbal (i.e., human) aspect of your ratzon l’kabel you then merit achieving an affinity with the world of Atzilut, you ascend upward and you receive Chaya-Light on a permanent basis.

            And should you merit ascending higher yet, you’d manage to achieve the light of the Infinite as well as the light of Yechidah that’s engarbed in Chaya-Light — but this isn’t the place to expand on that.

… since that’s so sublime and near-ultimate a realm that touches on matters far beyond our concerns here in the text and in this world.

As we’ll soon see, we’ve come close to the end of this lengthy foray into the evolution of the soul from the rank of pure selfishness to that of near selflessness.


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