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Derech Hashem 1:5:10

It’s angels who actualize all of the phenomena cited above and oversee them [1], be those things good or not [2]. They are G-d’s appointed agents, following His directives and plans. And each sort of angel has its own sphere of influence [3].


[1]         Angels were cited at the very beginning of this chapter, at 1:5:1, where they were differentiated from the Transcendent Forces. Thus, the statement above that the angels actualize and oversee “all of the phenomena cited above” refers to the contents of this entire chapter.

[2]         Just as there are holy angels there are “angels of destruction” as well, that carry out unholy and destructive missions. See 2 Samuel 24:16 for one instance of the latter.

[3]         We come now to the very end of the first section, of “The Way of G-d” which is entitled “The Fundamental Principles of Reality”, and we’re about to begin the second section, “Divine Providence”.

In broad strokes, we’ve covered G-d, the purpose of creation, humankind, human responsibility, and the spiritual realm (as well as so much more) in this first section. And we’re about to touch upon the following in the next one: Divine providence in general, humankind in this world, personal providence, Israel and the other nations, how Divine providence works, the system of Divine providence, the influence of the stars, the details of Divine providence, and much more.


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