Derech Hashem 2:3:2


As we’d said before, each and everything in this world is drawn downward in a cascade from the Transcendental Forces until it assumes a material form in this world [1].

As such, each aspect of the moral challenges we all face that we’d spoken about [2] likewise begins in the Transcendent Realm, and it assumes a function here based on the role it plays in the world’s “repairs” or “damages” mentioned [3].  It’s also true that the way each challenge is meted out to every particular person in this world  is likewise rooted in the Transcendental Forces. And this meting out is determined by every pertinent detail involved on every level.

It’s also clear from the central role played by the Transcendent Forces and G-d’s interactions with them and everything [4] that G-d Himself scrutinizes the entire process and decrees what’s to apply to whom based upon what’s most fitting.


[1]         See 1:5:2.

It was said in 2:3:1 that “it was G-d who determined what would go into human nature … along with their causes and effects, and everything else connected to them”; we now delve into the mechanics and structure behind much of that.

[2]         See 2:3:1.

[3]         See 1:5:7.

[4]         See 1:5:3.

That’s to say that everything that goes into our personal challenges, circumstances, makeup, surroundings, and more that somehow or another fits into the growth and perfection of the cosmos is rooted in the highest reaches of Heaven and overseen by G-d Almighty Himself. Dare we wonder whether we and our challenges matter in the course of things?

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