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How Attik and Erich are connected to one another and to the realm of reward

Petach 99 explains how the governance of Attik and Erich Anpin are connected to one another and to the realm of reward above them thanks to the Da’at of Attik. Ramchal characterizes this Petach as an encapsulation of what’s been said in Petachim 96-98.

The Petach starts off with the aforementioned idea that Radlah which is comprised of the three highest Sephirot of Attik represents the mystical notion of the conjunction of MaH and BaN above [1], which is the source of all governance.

The seven lower Sephirot of Attik though, which are engarbed in Erich Anpin right below it, govern it according to the makeup of the Head, i.e., of Radlah, above them.

Meanwhile the Da’at of Attik which is the lowest of its Sephirot is engarbed below, between Erich Anpin‘s “Crown” and “Brain” [2]. That’s to say that the Da’at of Attik is prepared to accept human actions in line with the mystical notion of the present form of governance and to transfer them, i.e., those actions, by means of Radlah to the levels above in order for them to be fixed for eternity in the realm of reward.


[1]         See Petach 81.

[2]         See Eitz ChaimSha’ar Erich Anpin Ch. 6.

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