“Yichud” continued (2)

There are actually three things being said here: that God’s Yichud will eventually be revealed, it will disclose God’s true omni-presence and immortality, and it will contribute to wrong being turned to right. This is a major statement that calls for expansive analysis which space precludes us from offering, but we’ll certainly need to touch on each point before we can go on with our analysis of Klach in its entirety [1].



[1]       Ramchal discussed God’s Yichud in the following Petachim: 1, 4, 16, 30, 39, 47-49, 79-80, 92, 113, and 138.

Refer to the following for in-depth discussions of God’s Yichud in Ramchal’s thoughts: R’ Shriki’s Rechev Yisrael pp. 167-228 and his essay HaYichud in his edition of Da’at Tevunot pp. 61-66; R’ Yoseph Avivi’s Zohar Ramchal pp. 178-191, 213-216; and R’ Friedlander’s edition of Klach pp. 35-37.

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