Sephirot (1)

Recall that Ramchal introduced the Sephirot here with the statement that “each Sephira is an attribute (or “capacity”) of The Infinite that He used to create the (various esoteric and concrete) worlds”. But he then added that they’re the mechanisms “which He (now) uses to govern them” (Petach 6). So while we’ll necessarily be spending a lot of time on the creation process, as Kabbalists do, we’ll also spend a fair amount of time on the “more recent past” if you will, since creation, as well as on the present and future as God continues His governance.

We’ll first need to see how others who preceded Ramchal depicted the Sephirot and how his depiction differs. And we’d need to explore the role that angels play in this, as it’s commonly assumed that they’re God’s agents of governance, as well as the role of the constellations.

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