Section Six

Section Six, which is titled “The Tzimtzum and Kav”, is comprised of Petachim 24-30. We’ll start offering these Petachim one at a time as we’d been doing all long, and then delve into the lot of them.

Petach 24

בענין המשכת הפעולה לחוץ ממנו – רצה הא”ס ב”ה ועזב את בלתי -תכליתו, ולקח לו דרך פעולה מוגבלת, וזה נקרא צמצום א”ס ב”ה:

As to the carrying out of the act (of creation) outside of God’s own Being, (that came about thusly: ) the Ein Sof purposefully set aside His infinitude and adopted the mode of finite action (i.e., of finitude, instead). This is what’s referred to as the Tzimtzum of the Ein Sof.

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