Petach 28

קו הא”ס ב”ה, הנכנס בתוך הרשימו, נעלם בו בפנים בכל מדרגותיו, ונקרא שמנהגו. ועומד בחוץ ומקיפו, ונקרא שכולל כחו ומביט עליו לכל צד. ואף על פי כן, הכל רק בדרך מה שהוא משתווה לרשימו. וזהו אור פנימי ומקיף של ספירות, שהוא סוד הכלי:

The line of (i.e., that emanates from) Ein Sof which entered into the (“emptiness” that contains the) trace is sequestered within it on every level, and is said to govern it (from within). But it (also) stands outside of the trace and encompasses it, and is said to incorporate (all of) its abilities and to observe it from every angle (and to thus govern it from without). Nevertheless, all of this is (done) only in such a way that the line accommodates itself to (the makeup and needs of) the trace (and everything connected with it). This (idea) is (i.e., also touches upon the idea of) the “internal” and “external” lights of the Sephirot which is (i.e., it also touches on) the mystical notion of the vessel.


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