An Afterword on Tzimtzum

Ramchal concludes his discussion of the Tzimtzum with this: Now, while the light that can now be envisioned thanks to the Tzimtzum is termed “emanated light” by Ari [1] and others since it presents itself as a newly created light, that’s still and all not to be taken literally. In fact it’s only a specific aspect of the original light (i.e., of God’s full presence) whose ability was diminished or hidden away as a consequence of the mystical process of Tzimtzum (Petach 25). Or, as Ramchal explains in his own comments here, what appears is “Ein Sof’s own light” to be sure, “whose ability has (nonetheless) been diminished and limited by the Tzimtzum process”.


[1]       See Eitz Chaim 1:3. Ramchal discusses this in his comments to Petach 5 above, as well as in Klallei Ma’amar HaChochma, and in Assarah Orot 8.

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