Catching Up

While the Yom Tov season had been fulsome and vivid, the world beckons and we respond. Let’s review what we’ve done so far in this section, which is the beginning of the heart of Kabbalah.

We started our sequential analysis with a discussion of God unto Himself — before creation. Then we offered an explanation of Tzimtzum as Ari depicted it (along with a couple of theories of its origin), and Ramchal’s explication of it. That lead to a discussion of the makeup, source and role of rah (evil, injustice, ungodliness).

We then moved along to the next stage with a discussion of the “trace” of Godliness left behind after the Tzimtzum process, which serves as the root of all that’s to follow. Then we began to discuss the “line” (or filament of God’s light) that extends downward to the physical universe. We’ll continue with the “line” next time.

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