Petach 33

Just a couple of words here to people coming upon this blog for the first time (which will probably be repeated now and again): we’ve approached the thickest part of the Kabbalistic forest now. Hold on to your buddy’s hand, make sure you have your flashlight and lunch, and trust me now — I know where we’re heading…


ע”ב ס”ג מ”ה ב”ן מתגלים מא”ק. הע”ב לפי חכמתו של א”ק, ואינו מגיע הדברים להשגה, ומשלח הארותיו דרך שערות הראש, שהמוח מגלה בם ענינו, והוא נעלם. אך ס”ג מגלה האורות מה שנעלם בע”ב, והוא ענין האצילות שהולך ומתגלה מעט מעט. לכן בתחלה אור פנימי ואור מקיף רחוקים וה מזה, והולכים ומתקרבים מעט מעט עד הפה, שנעשה כלי שם. ושם נשרש דמות אדם כראוי, והוא ענין מ”ה וב”ן שנתגלה אחר כך

AV”, “SaG”, “MaH” and “BaN(which are the four numerical variations of the Tetragrammaton that will function on various levels) are (first) revealed through Adam Kadmon.

AV corresponds to the (level of) Chochma of Adam Kadmon and it doesn’t fall within our grasp. It sends forth its light by way of the “hairs” of the “head” (of Adam Kadmon), through which the “brain” (of Adam Kadmon also) exposes its contents while (still and all) remaining concealed.

But SaG (which corresponds to the level of Binah of Adam Kadmon) reveals the lights that are concealed in AV, and this is the emanation (or, world) of Atzilut, which becomes revealed little by little.

As such, while the (original) “inner” and “encompassing” lights were far apart, they (eventually) come closer together, little by little (in Adam Kadmon’s “nose”) until they reach the “mouth” (of Adam Kadmon), where a vessel is then brought about. That’s where the human likeness is properly rooted, and it constitutes the notions of MaH and BaN (which correspond to the levels of Zeir Anpin and Nukveh respectively of Adam Kadmon) that are to be revealed afterwards (in the lights of Adam Kadmon’s “forehead” and “eyes”).

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