Petach 35

This is the section’s last Petach. We’ll be in Israel for a couple of weeks (Yay!), and we’ll also need to research this material afterwards, so we’ll be gone for a while.

בא”ק נעשה החבור של הקו עם הרשימו – שלקחו לו לכלי. והאור היוצא דרך החושים הוא אור שכבר נתחבר בכלי, שלכן אחר כך הוא מוציא כלי באורות הפה. ורק זה הוא האור הראוי לבנות ממנו כל הבנינים. ויצא מה שצריך לבנות ממנו כל הבנינים הנרצים, ונתפשט בהדרגה לפי צורך הנרצה בבנינים האלה:

It was in Adam Kadmon where the conjunction of the line with the trace — which the line took as its receptacle — came about.

Thus the light that emerged by way of the “senses” was light that was already conjoined with a receptacle (within Adam Kadmon), and that’s why it was able to produce a receptacle through the lights of the “mouth” (afterwards, when the lights passed through the “senses”).

This (i.e., the light that passed through Adam Kadmon’s “senses”) is the only light that’s fit to erect the various phenomena  (according to the mystical notion of a human stature) and to bring about whatever was needed to build all the intended phenomena  (i.e., the worlds of Atzilut, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiyah as well as mortal man). And it progressively developed (by going from the “ears” to the “nose”, and from the “nose” to the “mouth”) whatever was necessary to actualize what was intended for these phenomena.

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