AV, SaG, MaH, and BaN Redux

Our next area of concentration, based on Petach 33, is that of the four numerical variations of the Tetragrammaton known as AV”, “SaG”, “MaH” and “BaN first revealed through Adam Kadmon and which function on various levels. We’ve explained this on a very basic level before (see here, etc.).

Ramchal makes a number of other, rather complex, points here about these names which we’ll try to elucidate. First, that AV corresponds to the level of Chochma of Adam Kadmon, and he then goes on to explain how it emanates its light. He then discusses SaG, which corresponds to the level of Binah of Adam Kadmon and how it functions; then he speaks of the combination of the two in the formation of “vessels”, and the roles that MaH and BaN, which correspond to the levels of Zeir Anpin and Nukveh respectively of Adam Kadmon, play.

We’ll discuss Ari’s vision of this, Ramchal’s statement of what’s envisioned and what it means, as well as other things Ramchal cites in his own comments to this Petach.

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