The Declension Process Continues

Along with the aforementioned lights of AV and SaG come the lights of MaH and BaN from Adam Kadmon’s “navel” and below. They comprise the essence of the world right after and below Adam Kadmon, the world of Atzilut, which is vitally important for the fulfilling of God’s plans. As Ramchal states in his comments to Petach 33, “The intention from the very outset was to bring into being the root of the likeness of man”. This root is Atzilut, which is comprised of MaH and BaN. BaN emits from Adam Kadmon’s “eyes” while MaH emits from its “forehead” [1].

All of these together comprise what’s referred to as The Lights of Nikkudim, which Ramchal refers to as “the gist of the makeup of Adam Kadmon” [2].


[1]       This is all explained at great length in Eitz HaChaim’s discussions of the Sh’virat HaKeilim (“The Breaking of the Vessels”) and the Tikkun (“The[ir] Repairing”) as well as in Ramchal’s discussions in Pitchei Chochma v’Da’at 30-34, and in Klallot HaIlan1-2. Also see Ramchal’s comments to Petach 34.

[2]       Iggerot Pitchei v’Da’at 8.

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