The Light and Vessels, and their Relation to the Orifices

Ramchal also discusses the intrinsic relation between the lights and vessels to the orifices they emit out of. As he says in Petach 34, the “passageways”, i.e., the orifices known as the “ears”, “nose”, “mouth”, and “eyes” within Adam Kadmon’s “face”, through which the lights pass were specifically chosen because of the way they’re intrinsically connected to the interior of Adam Kadmon in the ways he explains there [1].


[1]       As Ramchal spell out in his comments there, “it’s clear that the way the light emerges (from Adam Kadmon’s ‘face’) isn’t haphazard. Rather, the passages were specially chosen to match their respective lights…. In fact, each light must pass through its own particular orifice rather than through any other because of the special relationship it has with it, because of which the light experiences a specific change when passing through that specific passageway…. This is what makes it possible for the lights of BaN (which are the lowest configuration) to emerge through the ‘eyes’ (which are obviously higher up on the head) while the lights of SaG (which are a higher configuration) emerge through the ‘ears’, ‘nose’ and ‘mouth’ (which are obviously lower than the ‘eyes’)”.

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