Light and Vessels as Bodies and Souls

Here’s how he lays out the combination of light and vessel through the emissions depicted in Adam Kadmon. In the uppermost reaches — in AV — the “vessels” there are utterly subsumed to the light, and thus cannot rightly be termed “vessels” so much as potential vessels. But the vessels that emit from the “ear”, “nose”, etc., become more and more “concrete”, relatively speaking, the farther along they move. It’s at the point when the lights emit from the “mouth” that the “vessels” there are as “concrete” as they can be in this lofty realm [1].

“All of these (phenomena) are the origin of the state of the human body and soul”, Ramchal says, as well as being the root of the various ways they interact with and contradict each other, as we’ll see.


[1]       Klallim Rishonim 9; also see Klallei Ma’amar HaChochma 13.

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