Petach 43

הרע לא היה מושרש כי אם בסוד הלבושים דאצילות שהם בי”ע.

ולכן כדי להשלימם, הוצרך לפרטם לכל עניניהם, שיניחו בתחלה מקום לרע, לפי מה שהיה מוכן בהם. וסוף סוף יחזרו לתקן כל הקלקולים.


            Evil was rooted in nothing other than in the mystical notion of the “garments” of Atzilut, i.e., Briah, Yetzirah and Assiyah, which also represent the vessels of Nikkudim.            

            So, in order to bring these garments to a state of perfection they first had to be separated into all their component elements in such a way that they would first provide an environment for wrong in accordance with what had prepared for them in the course of the breaking of the vessels, and then to eventually return to their original state in order to repair all the harm done by allowing the light to enter.

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