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Nearly all of Klach Pitchei Chochma’s major points have thus been presented; the great drama of creation and the subsequent descent of all parts earthward, along with all the elements of rah and its eventual undoing culminating in the ultimate revelation of God’s Yichud, have been accounted for.

What follows, then, will be an effort on Ramchal’s part to tweak along the edges of the Kabbalistic system, and to fill in some of the missing secondary and tertiary elements. We’ll consequently take fewer philosophical excursions from here on, and call upon more arcane Kabbalistic terms and conditions.

This section is actually an extension of the previous one in that it continues to explain the World of Nikkudim and Sh’virat HaKeilim (“The Breaking of the Vessels”). The next section will continue addressing that with a discussion of “The 288 Sparks” (Petachim 54-58), while the following section will delve back into and expand upon “The World of Tikkun” (Petachim 59-69) first discussed in the section before this one.

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