The First Three versus the Lower Seven (2)

The idea that “the seven days (of the week) are literally ruled by the seven (lower) Sephirot, in that each one functions according to the capacity of its Sephira” as Ramchal adds in his comments here implies for example that Chessed holds sway over Sunday, Gevurah holds sway over Monday, etc., and Malchut holds sway over the Shabbat (as in “Shabbat HaMalka”).

That would imply, though, that all Sundays were basically alike, all Tuesdays, etc. But the truth of the matter is that each Sephira is itself comprised of an infinite number of sub-Sephirot (E.g., Gevurah within the Netzach of Malchut, etc.) so each Monday is essential unique unto itself because a particular series of sub-Sephirot and sub-sub-sub-Sephirot, etc. holds particular sway over it.

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