Petach 57

עיקר המרכבה הוא אלה הע”ב, שהוא התחזק ד’ הפרצופים בא”א, שהוא נשגב מן הקלקולים. וכאן הכסא נושא את נושאיו.

על כן מכאן הוצרך לרדת רפ”ח ניצוצין, להחזיק ולקיים הכלים היורדים, שלא יעשה חרבן גמור, אלא בדרך שיחזור ליתקן.

וכן הושרשו עניני העולם הזה שיעמוד כך כח אחד, שלא לעזוב העולם ליחרב ח”ו. אלא בכח הזה הנשאר – יתוקן מה שנתקלקל:

These four instances of AV discussed in the previous Petach which bolster the four Partzufim of Abba, Imma, Zeir Anpin, and Nukveh in Erich Anpin, and which are removed from harm, are the essence of the “Chariot”. It’s here that the “Throne” “bears its bearers”.

It thus became necessary for 288 sparks — which equals the value of the four Avs (i.e., 4 x 72 = 288) — of holiness remaining behind after the breaking of the vessels to descend from there so as to bolster and sustain the vessels that were descending in the course of the breaking process so that there wouldn’t be utter annihilation, and so that there’d be the possibility for a way of returning and being repaired instead.

As a result of those 288 sparks, the phenomena of this world came to be such that a single power, i.e., the Shechina, would remain so that the world wouldn’t be destroyed, God forbid, and so that what had been damaged could be repaired through this remaining power.

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