Preview of Section Eleven (Part 1)

We’d addressed the Tikkun phenomenon a number of times before. We cited the ultimate Tikkun in the course of which there will be an “attaching of the lower and higher (realms, worlds, beings, phenomena) to each other, after which everything will be attached to God” (see 1:4). And we’ll return to it now in more depth.

It’s just that this section — eleven — which focuses on the “intermediate” Tikkun, one might call it, actually follows on the heels of Section Nine.

It’s just that Section Ten, which immediately preceded this one, stepped aside to explicate the 288 sparks that allowed for the Tikkun process. With this section we return to the SheviraTikkun process itself [1]. We’ll analyze it Petach by Petach, as is our way.


[1]       Section Nine ended with the statement that everything that was degraded at the time of the breaking of the vessels is to be repaired little by little ….  For everything that was lacking then began to be fulfilled at the time of the Tikkun (Petach 53). And it likewise hearkened to the ultimate Tikkun, announcing that in the end everything will be fulfilled in the perfect Tikkun that will come about in the ultimate future. 

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