Unity and Disunity

If the problematic Shevira process was a product of separation and differentiation, then its Tikkun — its remedy — must lie in combination and unity. We’ll be examining what went into that latter process in the course of this section

This is assumedly rooted in the idea that before they sinned (and “broke” the world’s very underpinnings) Adam and Eve were a single androgynous being [1], and thus need to be one again; and in the idea that there hadn’t been differentiation and incongruity until the “upper waters” and the “lower waters” separated from each other [2], so all that must be reunited. The point is that it will all be rectified in the end — when “God will be (manifestly) one, and His name (i.e., His manifestations) will be one (with Him)” (Zachariah 14:9).


[1] Breishit Rabbah 8:1.

[2] Ibid. 4:2-4.

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