The Balancing-Scale (1)

The first part of Petach 65 is pretty straightforward. It indicates that the themes of male and female were already found in higher realms than this, i.e., they were already found in Adam Kadmon, since the system of governance had already been set in place in the primary, higher-yet mystical configurations of Chessed and Din which are themselves male and female respectively [1].


[1]       See Petach 63 above. Also see the discussion in Eitz Chaim, Sha’ar D’rushei HaNukudot 2, and in Ramchal’s Klallei Chochmat HaEmet 16.

As Ramchal underscores in his comments here, “this combination already existed in the supreme lights that came about after the Tzimtzum, as soon as The Line and Residue came into existence”, it’s that primal.

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