Partzufim (2)

Once again, a Partzuf comes about by a single light, expanding outward and revealing all of its aspects as a single order, the Petach goes on to say, in which certain parts remain interior aspects, others remain exterior, some parts are high, and others are low.

The “interior” and “exterior” aspects depict the Partzuf’s “width” (Shiur HaOvi), while its “high” and “low” aspects depict its “length” (Shiur HaKoma). They address the multi-dimensionality, plasticity, complexity, and intricacy of the Partzufim, which is itself responsible for the same traits in the universe at large and in God’s governance of it. Their relative internality and highness speak to their being closer to their source, and their externality and lowness speak to the opposite.

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