Partzufim (4)

Next we’re told that all of them are connected into a single order in order to be joined to one another and to be governed by one overarching form of governance, each part in accordance with its own function. This single order “is the ‘heart’ (i.e. driving force, though it’s presented otherwise there) that governs all the different limbs and organs … through the blood and spirit (i.e., life-force) within it”, Ramchal adds in his own comments here.

And finally, we learn that there are 613 parts to each Partzuf all in all, each of which is then comprised of several smaller parts needed for its perfection. The 613 parts correspond to the “Likeness of Man” concept cited in Petach 12 above, given that man is a composite of 613 body parts [1]. This last theme will be expanded on in the very next Petach.



[1]       See Makkot 23b and Zohar 1:170b where the 248 + 365 (= 613) elements are spoken of in connection with the 613 mitzvot.

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