The Great Day of Judgment (3)

There are three “days of judgment” in fact: Rosh Hashanah, when you’re judged for the year to come; the day of your death, when you’re judged for the afterlife; and finally, when you’re to be judged for eternity [1] (which is why it’s termed the “Great” or ultimate Day of Judgment).

The Great Day of Judgment will occur after the resurrection of the dead [2], it will take place in Emek Yehosaphat [3], and it will be a “dark and stunning day — a fearsome and frightening” [4] and “horrific” [5] day.

It’s generally held that everyone’s right to resurrected in fact will be judged then, as well as the ultimate fate of each one’s body and soul [6]. But Ar’i contends that only non-Jews are to be judged then [7].

Two things will serve you especially well in the Great Day of Judgment: your having observed the Shabbat [8] and learned Torah [9].

And after the Great Day of Judgment will have come about God’s presence will become manifest to all [10], and it will become clear that everything that had occurred was purposeful and perfectly and flawlessly set in order [11].




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