Personal Tikkun

Petach 82 touches upon another vital issue and begins with the statement that the Tikkun granted each individual soul is a result of how the conjunction of MaH and BaN is arranged in his own instance.

Ramchal explains that in Klallim Rishonim (34) where he says that it’s important to know that “there are things … that are rectified thanks to an abundance of light (i.e., Divine generosity) and on (Divine) benevolence (toward one person or another), and there are others that … are rectified by (one suffering) tribulations, poverty, and want that have nothing to do with (one’s) merits or misconduct, but rather on the makeup of the created world alone” and on “the (makeup of the) conjunction of MaH and BaN” [1].

That’s to say that some things happen simply because the makeup of creation requires it to happen that way, and because it falls under the rubric of the immutable and non-linear workings of the mysterious conjunction of MaH and BaN, though it may or not seem fair.

He goes on to say there that the system of reward and punishment will play itself out in the Afterlife and the World to Come to be sure (thus things will prove to be fair in the end), but it often just doesn’t play itself out that way in this world.


[1]       Also see Da’at Tevunot 166.


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