Theodicy (7)

Ramban wrote a lot about Theodicy. He agrees that the whole issue comes under the rubric of God’s own plans and agenda, but he likewise offers that the wrongful are rewarded in life for their few good deeds and the righteous are punished for their few sins and that both will get their just rewards and punishments in the Afterlife (Drasha al Divrei Kohelet and Hakdamah to Peirush l’Sefer Iyov). Elsewhere he ties one’s realities in life to his actions in a previous incarnation, and he cites Rambam’s opinion in Moreh Nevuchim to the affect that we really don’t realize how fortunate we are in life, despite tribulations and calamities in the face of our righteousness, and the fact that most of our troubles are brought to us by human beings (Torat HaAdam).


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