Ramchal on Theodicy (1)

(We’d ordinarily offer citations from the Zohar and Ari about the subject at this point, put since we’re still researching that, we’ll now cite Ramchal’s own remarks about Theodicy in other works as well as in Klach.)

Ramchal agrees that the righteous suffer for the few sins they’d have committed and that they’ll be rewarded in the Afterlife, he nonetheless doesn’t take the suffering as instances of Divine retribution but rather as “remedies” for the harm they’d done to themselves (Derech Hashem 2:2:5). In fact, Ramchal very often avoids the whole notion of wrath or retribution, but that’s a subject unto itself.

He also offers that the righteous sometimes suffer for the sake of others of their generation and so as to bring about the ultimate Tikkun in the future, for which they are to be rewarded in the Afterlife (Ibid. 2:3:8, also see Da’at Tevunot 166 for reference to the seeming unfairness that will be proven not to be so after the great Tikkun).


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