Anomalies (1)

Petach 86 expands on the appearance of anomalies cited above. Ramchal is concerned here with Ari’s statement to the effect that there are certain contradictory things going on at the very same time in Radlah (Eitz Chaim 12:3, etc.).

His point about them is that while there’s no doubt that certain things one would “see” there appear to contradict one another, but that’s only because we really can’t catch sight of them for sure, as they quickly move about and do things that seem to contradict each other (moving about in the mode of “running and returning” (Ezekiel 1: 14) as we’ll see in Petach 87), as Ramchal explains in his own comments here [1].

Here’s how Ramchal explains it.

All of the possible combinations of MaH and BaN did indeed occur in Radlah, and the primary order of covert governance indeed occurred thanks to those combinations.  But know that there are contradictory ways of combining MaH and BaN, and each occurs within Radlah since that’s the way Partzufim are combined and because each produces specific and necessary qualities in Partzufim.



[1]       Much like the way that the Aron HaKodesh seemed not to take up any space in the Holy of Holies, even though it was certainly a physical entity (Yoma 21a); or the way our emotions seem to contradict themselves as when we’re happy on one level yet sad on another; or the way light can be either a particle or a wave on a subatomic level, as R’ Menachem Makover offers in his commentary to Klach at this point.



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