No one can understand … other than what’s revealed … in the Partzufim (2)

And everything in the worlds of Atzilut and below is governed in accordance with all these combinations of MaH and BaN which are rooted in Radlah as based on the actions of the lower creations.

This all speaks to the on-going, all-encompassing interactions of the lower and upper worlds from Radlah on high, to the Partzufim, to the world below and back again as based on Human and divine interaction.

As Ramchal terms it in his comments, “the (Divine) order of governance always takes everything into account. Thus every (human) act effects all of the past, all of the present and all of the future. As a result, that (human) deed will never cease to exist …. Thus … each action that people take reaches its place here (in our world) because they’re all here (in Radlah) already…. Thus, through the power of this affect caused by an action (on man’s part), the Partzufim (below), are then arranged in the way they have to in order to act in the worlds.”


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