No one can understand … other than what’s revealed … in the Partzufim (4)

As such, all of these various combinations of MaH and BaN rule the world’s circumstances all of the time, as opposed to other lights which rule at specific moments. And God’s governance turns, i.e., it involves itself and plays a role in it all, from one thing to the other in all instances, be they identical, contradictory, or opposite — this last point alludes the apparent anomalies in Radlah referred to above.

Since God’s governance functions in every aspect of reality. In addition, the states of the Partzufim shift from one to the other in the mode of “running and returning”, i.e., skipping about and going back and forth instantly as the Chayot-angels did in the verse that reads, “And the Chayot would run and return, like sparks” (Ezekiel 1:14).


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