The ultimate goal is to bestow utter and perfect beneficence

Petach 92 returns to a vitally important theme enunciated early on. The ultimate goal of the entire order of the Sephirot and their governance — which is to say, of all of creation and reality — is to bestow utter and perfect beneficence with the undoing of wrong and injustice, and the revelation of God’s Yichud [1].

We’ll explore that and the role of Erich Anpin as opposed to its counterpart Zeir Anpin in it all.



[1] See here.

In his comments here Ramchal makes the point that the ultimate beneficence also has to manifest itself in the “Trace” realm referred to earlier on, in which right and wrong play themselves out. See section 6 for a discussion of the Trace and the Line and their interactions.


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