Two things about Erich Anpin (2)

The end of Petach 95 is rather complex and calls for a lot of explanation based on Ari’s writings. But as it has never been our intention to offer a comprehensive and fully enunciated layout of the Kabbalistic system, we’ll only touch on the major points here and offer references for further study.

The actual subject at hand is based on two Zohar-based renderings of the makeup of Erich Anpin: one from Iddrah Rabbah and another from Iddrah Zutah.

Here’s the text of the Petach, which we’ll follow with explanations.

We must next understand that when it comes to Erich Anpin as the root of Zeir Anpin and the mystical implications of its governance, we’re only to consider Erich‘s “skull” and “brain” and their Tikkunim according to their functions in the mystical idea of the overpowering of Erich‘s Chessed.

Yet when it comes to the mystical idea of Erich generating Zeir Anpin we’re to consider Erich‘s “three heads”, i.e., its “crown”, “cavity”, and “brain” and their Tikkunim which generate Tikkunim in Zeir Anpin.


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