Petach 96

We now begin Section 17, entitled “The Connection between Atzilut and Adam Kadmon through Attik and Erich Anpin“, which is comprised of Petachim 96-100.

Here’s Petach 96:

התלבשות עתיק יומין בא”א הוא להחזיק אותו בכל ספירותיו לפי ענין המתקלא המושרש ברדל”א. ובזה הוא עומד תחת הנהגת א”ק מצד היסוד ומלכות שלו. כי כך נקבעו תחתיהם מ”ה וב”ן. והוא עיקר ההנהגה ההולכת להשלים השלמות.

Attik Yomin was engarbed in Erich Anpin in order to strengthen all of Erich’s Sephirot by means of the “balance” that’s rooted in The Unfathomable Beginning.

In this respect Erich Anpin is governed by Adam Kadmon through its Yesod and Malchut. For this is the way that MaH and BaN were established under them. In fact, this  particular combination of MaH and BaN is the essential order of governance to bring about complete perfection.


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