So in short this Petach is making the point that …

The Petach ends as follows: For this is the way that the names MaH and BaN were established under them, i.e., under Adam Kadmon‘s Yesod and Malchut [1]. That is done by means of the balance-scale [2], Ramchal adds in his comments, which is how all of the Partzufim experience Tikkun. In fact, this particular combination of MaH and BaN is the essential order of governance needed to ultimately bring about complete perfection.

So in short this Petach is making the point that the Partzuf of Attik supports the  Partzuf of Erich by means of the balance-scale which is rooted in it (and is the mystical notion of the conjunction of MaH and BaN). This phenomenon is the gist of the Tikkunim of all of the Partzufim since is governs all of the world of Atzilut.

It’s just that when this occurs, Atzilut stands under Adam Kadmon‘s Sephirot of Yesod and Malchut, since that’s where this Tikkun takes place. But since the conjunction of MaH and BaN is the playing out of the Tikkun of all damages, it follows that the balance-scale’s governance is the main form of governance, so Erich Anpin must stand under it.


[1]         See 5:5 above for an explanation of the names MaH and BaN.

[2]         See Section 11.


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