Attik allows for the conveyance from this world to the eternal one

The point of the matter is that even though our Divine service only functions in the world of Atzilut and below it, the fruit of our service has to somehow or another rise up to the eternal realm, and that’s where Attik comes into play. For Attik allows for that conveyance from this world to the eternal one. Here are some of the details laid out in this Petach.

In fact, this world is rooted in the mystical interactions of the names of MaH and BaN and in the Tikkunim that involve them, which are the thrust of our Divine service and a part of the Tikkun of the balance-scale. Now, while all of that’s important, it’s nonetheless not the ultimate goal. Because it only touches on MaH and BaN, and our reward goes beyond that. So those higher realms must somehow or another come to be affected by our Divine service.  That where Attik comes in.

That’s where man’s actions below — in the worlds of Atzilut and downward — are then transferred to the higher, world to come related realms like Adam Kadmon can then filter light downward. And that enables man to be rewarded for his work in the lower worldly realms as well as in the higher eternal ones. After all, it has always been God’s intention that man be rewarded for his efforts rather than be a recipient of Divine “charity”, if you will [1].

But there’s more to be said.


[1]  See 1:3 above.

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