Justice must exist before the end of the universe as we know it

Thus, the present system of justice and judgment that must exist before the end of the universe as we know it is a consequence of the ultimate goal of complete and utter beneficence itself, even though the two seem to contradict each other. Since the judgment process will ultimately allow for perfection and the revelation of God’s Yichud. And Ramchal adds in his comments that we must keep this apparent anomaly in mind as we explore the purposeful progression of the worlds from Atzilut downward.

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4 responses to “Justice must exist before the end of the universe as we know it

  1. Maybe “before the end of human history as we know it”?

  2. I don’t agree, Micha. Sorry.

    • Not informative enough. I was fishing for you to tell me who you think would need justice other than humanity. It would seem to me that justice would have to be established through the course of history, so that humans get there before our job is done. And thus justice must be achieved far earlier than your wording implied.

  3. You’re reading “Justice” wrong. Think of it as Din and Gevurah as abstract necessities that will henceforward not be necessary.

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