Erich Anpin and its counterpart Zeir Anpin (1)

This then is the whole matter of Erich Anpin and its counterpart Zeir Anpin which are the primary agents of Divine governance (with Abba and Imma functioning between the two) [1].

Erich Anpin represents the mystical notion of utter beneficence, which only bestows goodness regardless of its being deserved or not, all leading up of the utter undoing of Rah. Ramchal adds in his comments that this all-encompassing beneficent on the part of Erich is aside from the same predilection on the part of the Line, since both play a similar role in the ultimate Tikkun [2]. 


[1]         This will be explained in Petach 111.

[2]         See Petach 26.


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