Petach 46

כשהוצרך לתת שליטה ללבושים בפני עצמם לתקן את עצמם, נתעלם החלק העליון שהיה בנקודים, והוא ענין האצילות שלהם, ואז היו שולטים הלבושים בפני עצמם.

וזה נקרא להם נפילה, כי היו נופלים ממה שהיו נכללים באצילות בסוד לבושיו, ושולטים בפני עצמם, ולא בסידור ותיקון, אלא בקלקול, ריקים מן האורות שנתרחקו מהם. ואז היו פונים תמיד לתת מקום לרע לצאת ולהמצא, כרי שיתוקן לבסוף:

            When it became necessary to grant rule to the “garments” themselves, i.e., to Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiyah, in order for them to repair themselves and to appear as separate and distinct worlds, their most exalted element — their Atzilut aspect — which was contained in Nikkudim, became concealed. And the “garments” then ruled on their own.

            This rule of the “garments” was considered a relative “descent” for them, since they had descended from having once been incorporated in Atzilut as its mystical “garments” while they were now ruling by themselves as a consequence of the breaking of the vessels albeit not in a state of order and repair but rather in one of damage, and while devoid of all the lights that had separated from them. They were thus always ready to provide a place for wrong to emerge and exist, and to be rectified in the end.

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