Zohar on the World to Come

The Zohar doesn’t go to any great length to depict the World to Come, given its nature. But like so many other things purely spiritual in nature, the World to Come is also compared to light there.

In fact, the light that will be displayed there (i.e., that is its essence) will be so vast and so mighty that “no created being could (be expected to) endure it” (1, p. 265a). It’s said that while the light there will be “1/60,075th of the light that shines in God’s presence”, still in all it’s so vast that “the light of the sun is 1/60,075th” of its capacity (Zohar Chadash, Breishit 20a). That degree of light and enlightenment goes a long way to explain the statement that the righteous would “see God there” (1, p. 135a), given their experience.

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