Ramchal on the World to Come

Ramchal speaks of the World to Come in two ways over-all in his other works: as a recompense for one’s spiritual and ethical efforts [1], and as a wholly different reality that’s God, soul, and spirit centered rather than material and body centered [2].


[1]       See this from Messilat Yesharim (Ch. 1). “Our sages of blessed memory have taught us that we were created to delight in God and enjoy the radiance of His Divine presence. This is the true delight, the greatest enjoyment of all.  But in truth, the place for this pleasure is the World to Come, as it was created, readied and prepared for just such a pleasure”….. “Many teachings of our sages can be found in this same vein, likening this world to a place and time of preparation, and the next world to one of rest and the ingesting of the already-prepared. This is what they meant by ‘This world is like a vestibule …’ (Pirkei Avot 4:16); Today (was created) to do them (the mitzvot); tomorrow to receive the reward for them’ (Eruvin 22a); ‘One who struggles on the Eve of the Shabbat will eat on Shabbat’ (Avodah Zara 3a); and, ‘This world is like the shoreline, and the World to Come is like the sea’(Kohelet Rabbah 1), as well as by many other expressions like them”.

Also see Ch. 4 there, as well as Derech Hashem 1:3:4; 2:2:1; and 2:4:6 (for Non-Jews there); Ma’amar HaIkurim, HaGemul; Da’at Tevunot 24; and “Da’at Tevunot 2” 44 (found in Ginzei Ramchal p. 50)

[2]       See Derech Hashem 1:3:4; 1:3:9; 2:2:2; and 2:8:4; Da’at Tevunot 124; and Klallim Rishonim 34.

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