Petach 67

קיפול רגלי א”א היה הכח הראשון שניתן לכלים הנשברים להתעלות. ומשם והלאה יכלו להיות כל העליות שבהם.

והאמת, שהכלים היו תלוים באלה הרגלים, ובתחלה היו מתקיימים על ידם למטה. ובהקפלם – ניתן גם בכלים כח החזרה למעלה.

וזה מה שא”א הוא שורש לכל, וזה היה החלק של א”א, שבו היו נשרשים הכלים בזמן רדתם. ואחר כך נשרשו גם בחג”ת, כשנתוסף בהם התיקון:

It was the “folding” of Erich Anpin’s “legs”, i.e., of its Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, that was the first impetus for the broken vessels to ascend from Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiyah to Atzilut, and thanks to which all their subsequent ascents could come about.

 In truth, these vessels depended on those “legs” and they were initially sustained by them below, i.e., in Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiyah. But when the “legs” were then “folded” the vessels then had the ability to return upward.

 It’s in this sense that Erich Anpin is the source of everything, and they, i.e., the “legs”, that were the part of Erich Anpin could serve as the source of the vessels when they descended. But afterwards, as a result of the “folding of the legs”, Chessed, Gevurah, and Tipheret of Erich Anpin also served as their source when the rectification got greater.


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