The Tikkun Process (2)

What first came about because of the aforementioned union was an immediate awakening of love between the lights (as well between all the other Sephirot that resulted from them). This refers to the onset of a strong attraction between “lovers”, or perhaps better said between “partners” that brings them together.

We’re not talking about human romantic love, attraction, or partnership of course. Perhaps the best analogy would be to the way one pole of a magnet is attracted to the opposite pole of another magnet: with a genuine and natural attraction and pull which is nonetheless non-emotional.

Thank to that “love”, Ramchal goes on  to say, the partners were no longer in the state of “sadness” or of being unfulfilled they had been in, in the course of the Shevira, when the lights stood in perpendicular relationship to each other. Instead, they faced one another, and they became bound to one another and assumed a horizontal relationship [1].


[1]       See Eitz Chaim, Sha’ar HaTikkun Ch. 3 where this is linked back to the primordial kings, the first seven of whom died as a consequence of the Shevira process, until the eight king (Hadar) arose — both he and his wife (see Genesis 36:39). Also see Iddrah Rabbah, Zohar 3, p. 135b.

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