Clearing up Petach 60

The whole point of the next, rather esoteric Petach — the 60th — is to clear up an apparent contradiction in R’ Chaim Vitale’s explanation of the role of the primordial kings (who experienced the Shevira process) and their eventual Tikkun. At one point he said that the kings derived from Adam Kadmon’s “eyes” and that MaH derived from its “forehead” (Eitz Chaim, Sha’ar Drushei Nekudot Ch.1), and elsewhere he said that the kings derived from Adam Kadmon’s Malchut and that MaH was a product of the male emissions of Adam Kadmon’s “Yesod” (Eitz Chaim, Seder Atzilut Ch. 2; also see Petach 96 below).

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