Partzufim (7)

It goes on to say, yet there are certain relatively minor differences between the lights of “male” and “female” as well as real differences in their procedures. But when it comes to differences in form, there are real differences there indeed, just as there are “innate differences between males and females in respect to voice, appearance, physical strength, etc.” in our experience, Ramchal adds in his comments.

But those differences only manifest themselves in the lights that are involved in the conduction process, namely the two respective Yesods, or their respective “reproductive organs”, if you will; which are intimately involved in “channeling the influence to its destination” as he puts it, from up above down below. Since they act as conduction agents, as all the different, i.e., other, parts of the Partzuf are drawn to them i.e., to the respective Yesods, in order to act as conduits in keeping with their own processes. Hence, “since the channeling process … depends upon the Yesods and the other ‘limbs’ (i.e., the Sephirot above it in the Partzuf) are subject to them in this respect, it’s enough for the difference to be in the Yesods in order to affect the necessary changes in Divine Governance”, he adds there.

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