Partzufim (8)

And the final Partzuf of this section (73) offers these overarching observations.

Perfection is achieved ultimately in the big picture and in each instance by the conjugation of “male” and “female”, and with the conduction of the Divine flow through that conjugation. That is, all is well and as it should be when the two poles of existence are no longer in tension but rather conjoined, and when God’s beneficence is allowed to directly shower downward as a consequence.

As such, “male” and “female” being close to each other already indicates a level of perfection that requires no service, i.e., input into the conjunction of “male” and “femal”, on the part of the lower realms. But their being further apart from each other indicates a need for i.e.,or a lack of, perfection and for the need for the aforementioned service on the part of the lower realms in the meanwhile.

            This completes Section Twelve.

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